“How to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

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  • December 5, 2019
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A 3 -day residential workshop for CEO’s, CXO’s & Leadership teams

The Fourth Industrial Revolution heralds a series of social, political, cultural, and economic upheavals that will unfold over the 21st century. Building on the widespread availability of digital technologies that were the result of the Third Industrial, or Digital, Revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be driven largely by the convergence of digital, biological, and physical innovations.

In many organizations, the first line teams are often charged with trying to make and lead this change. They are usually very capable people who want to move their companies into the next level in data-science revolution. They are certainly able to create action plans, but they don’t have the necessary support and the acceptance from the leadership team to be able to help them to operationalize the data strategy throughout the organization. The business processes and the cultural change required to make this happen are just not there. 

Data science, therefore, must start as a top-down initiative. The business leaders and executives responsible for setting strategy, drive the financial & emotional needs thus making cultural transformation happen must understand and support the initiative. 

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