Training & Workshops

Certification in Data Analytics
Key Insights

Most SME’s need to pivot towards becoming more data centric in their approach and have to equipped with the latest trends, so that they can independently drive the data strategy within their organisation

Our Solution

An intensive, flexible, customized eight (8) days training.

This includes three (3) review for implementation on-premise and two (2) monthly meetings on-premise, spread over 2.5 months of coaching and training.

  • Total Training: 40 hours
  • Total Review: 24 hours
  • Total Meetings: 10 hours
Key Insights

Sales teams and customer facing members are highly knowledgeable and skilled with sales pitches but seldom integrate data in their pitch in a format that is engaging, impactful, and results oriented. This is where data storytelling is used.

Our Solution
  • One day and two days workshop with customer facing teams
  • Understanding the importance of data storytelling
  • Identifying key data points for pitches
  • Building a story telling approach
  • Integrating product USP with the data points
  • Creating a customized sales pitch