“The Great Data Learning Fest”

“Data can be the real goldmine for any organization if it is enabled to flow freely across the entire business ecosystem”.

Data and Analytics are the buzzwords in the business world today. An increasing number of organizations today are striving to inculcate a data-driven approach to their work. Adopting a data-driven culture can put enterprises substantially ahead of their competitors and peers regarding financial gains.  We are launching our three key initiatives so every data enthusiast can embrace these learnings and chances of attending the live webinars on

1) Build a  data driven Enterprises – Building a data driven enterprise is our first learning module to impart the various data definitions, its application in analytics, it will help you each of you to substantiate wisdom of your business by learning the data insights thus backing it up for effective decision making.

2) The Great Data Learning Fest – Series- II- “The Great Data Learning Fest” is a learning forum for Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, from Small  &  Large businesses .  We have curated the best of the speakers across all domains including business & academics. They include, Successful  Entrepreneurs, Astute Academicians, Research  Scholars, Thought leaders and Renowned Authors  who envisioned the need & importance of data in future.

3) Launch your website in 5 days –  A simple hands on practical approach for all students, professionals,  new age entrepreneurs & startups for building their own website using WordPress and a simple tips to manage through simple digital marketing tools.

Which starts from 22nd of June to 1stbof August.. Get registered, and enhance your business skills…on all possible ways from our experts…

Tathwamasi Inc . has been forefront of this revolution. Creating ones identity is the first step. It starts with building your website, be it an individual, start-up, an entrepreneur, a student, a professional, as a matter of fact, any one who aspires to be a part of this digital revolution.

Tathwamasi in association with Sriyaan Technologies is launching an online webinar hands on practical training on “How to launch your website using WordPress in just 5 days 

Duration – 5 Sessions of two hours each –Daily 

Timings – 5 Pm to 7 Pm 

Model – Online – Blended with training & assignments

Charges: – INR 1000 (inclusive of GST) for all sessions

Date:  11th July 2020 to 16th July 2020

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Schedule      Pre Work

The Great Data Learning Fest – Season-II 

TGDLF -2 is an unique online webinar platform started  in April’2020.  This is our Second Series planned after an overwhelming response in the first season. Like the earlier one, the forthcoming season comprises of  9 days of immense learning. We have curated the best of the thought leaders, eminent professionals, eminent academicians, serial entrepreneurs  in each unique vertical. They will share their knowledge and the importance of data in their field. We invite industry experts in various fields / industries / functions . They share their experience, learnings especially, how – data , data science & analytics   have impacted their business / markets/ nations.

It is a webinar session for 40 minutes followed by a 20 minute Q&A.  To conclude the series – We have a grand finale – Panel Discussion. To register for this unique and free webinar please do click on the link below.

Key  Takeaways

  • The importance of being a data driven organization
  • Actual Business Implementations / Case study
  • Key learning for aspiring & growing Entrepreneurs
  • Importance of data in strategic decision making

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Speaker Schedule

Build Data Driven Enterprises

In recent years, we have witnessed a huge shift in recognition around the importance of data as an asset. As the world undergoes a digital transformation, the seemingly small details of our lives are tracked, recorded, and leveraged as data points to make decisions. This cascade of information is growing at a rapid rate, creating innumerable opportunities for organizations to innovate and better serve customers and clients.

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