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  • June 15, 2020
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Pre Work Before The class – for Website Training

  1. Identify an unique name of their business & Select a Domain – through –
  2. Please do purchase a domain of that name
  3. Purchase a hosting services – using the same above sites. This can be done later also post the website creation in the local host.
  4. Build and create a content for your company in the following format in Word Document
    1. About your Company – What is it all about , your company, Mission Vision Company address etc.
    2. About the Team – If you have a team / Or about your profile
    3. What we offer – Your products and services.
    4. Blogs – You need to write a word document pertaining to your company details
    5. Social Media accounts for the company – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
    6. Identify good & relevant original images for your website.
  5. Participants need to have this ready with them as it will help in quick upload.
  6. Any other data which you feel is critical for your website

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