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Our Team

Tathwamasi is the brainchild of Venkatesh Iyengar, whose motto is: If you can measure it, you can manage it. Tathwamasi is fuelled by a passionate team comprising of young yet experienced professionals who believe in the power of Data for small and mid sized businesses.

Founder & CEO

Venkatesh K Iyengar has 18+ years of corporate experience across sales and marketing functions, including Strategic Planning, Pricing, Sales Operations, Product Management, and Process Management. He has worked for multinationals like Coca-Cola, Airtel, Vodafone & Samsung, and has a Masters in Leadership Science, a certificate in Marketing Analytics from SP Jain, a certificate in Digital Marketing Management, and an MMS (MBA) in Marketing  from Mumbai University.

He is also an Empanelled Value Enhancer – Consulting & Training resource for SMMART for MSME’s since 2017; is an empanelled faculty for Marketing Analytics for MMS students at Alkesh Modi Institute of Management Studies (University of Mumbai); and faculty at Sathye College (Mumbai University) for Marketing since 2016.

Assistant Manager - Customer Relations

Martina comes with an experience of 25years as a Sales Assistant, Administrator & Customer Service & Sales Support. She has been In-charge of sales operations in Leading Printing, Manufacturing & IT Consulting Organisations Like Imprez Printing & Packaging, Baba Print House & Global IT Consulting. She works on creatives for social media.

Partner – Research

Dr. Naina Salve is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial & Mangement Studies with Mumbai University. She has completed Ph.D in Management Studies. She has a certificate in NET Examination. She has 12+ years of vast experience in teaching and consulting various projects.  She is proficient in German and Japanese language and a volunteer with Global Vipassana Centre.  She will be heading our research initiatives & build the research & development Centre at Tathwamasi.

Partner – Research Intern

A philomath, who believes in ‘Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana’. Bachelor of Biotechnology from Savitribai Phule University, Pune. Completed a research project in Institute of Chronobiology Education and Research. Has attended and presented papers in different International Management Research Conferences. Active volunteer of NGOs like Seva Sahayog and Door Step School. Completed Sangeet Visharad in Hindustani Classical music. Currently pursuing a Masters in Management Studies (Finance) from Mumbai University. He is a member of cultural  committee of Mumbai University and loves to write, sing, go trekking, explore new things & places.

Partner – Finance

Vaibhav Mahidhariya handles statutory compliance matters related to the Mumbai office. He has Completed Diploma in Tax Management from Welingkar Institute and Commerce Graduate from the University of Mumbai. He is a GST Practitioner under the GST Act 2017. He has expertise in Direct and Indirect Taxes, Examination of Accounting, Accounting Setup as per business. He also provides Company formation, Accounting, Auditing, Different type of Business Licensing, Payroll Management and ROC Compliance.

Partner – Story Telling

An engineer by qualification, Saurin Desai has been writing professionally and passionately since nearly two decades. His experience spans branding & strategy, marketing, advertising, and content creation across sectors like real estate, finance, luxury & retail, FMCG, communication, and energy. And he has written in every form and for every medium and has facilitated workshops for NIIT, Hindustan Times, Mumbai University, Rajeev Gandhi College of Management Studies, Academy of Architecture, Somaiya College, Swatva Foundation, etc.

Partner - Technology

Ramakant Yadav is the technical head and one of the core members in the technical team of Tathwamasi.com. He holds a master degree in computer application from Thakur Institute of Management Studies Career Development and Research, Mumbai. In his tenure of 10 years with his unique ideas Ramakant has handled many prestigious IT projects and has a forte in handling IT product development and IT start up.