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Launch your Website in Word Press in just 5 days

Mid-sized companies are diverse in terms of size, products and services offered, turnover and technology adoption. The spectrum is broad. On one end are high-growth enterprises in developed sectors, such as textiles and garments, auto components, health care, education and telecom equipment, while at the other we find subcontractors and other slower-growing, informal players in the retail and unorganised sector such as village and cottage industrial units.In the advent of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, i.e. Technological Revolution, the latter have moved up the value chain from manufacturing of simple goods to sophisticated products, and also entering the service sector. However, all is not rosy, as they are now faced with global competition in a rapidly-growing market, and in order to remain profitable in this competitive environment, it is imperative for them to be quick to adopt newer technology and always maintain one eye on the future.

In such everchanging environments, we as SME’s must learn, equip and adapt ourselves to the new revolution of data, technology &AAA (Adoption,Artificial intelligence &Analytics)

We at Tathwamasi are in the fore front of this revolution.  Building a website is the first need for any entity, be it an individual, start-up, an entrepreneur.

Tathwamasi in association with Sriyaan Technologies is launching an online webinar hands on practical training on

“How to launch your website using WordPress in just 5 days “

Webinar Series Part -1, 10th May- 14th May, 2020

Duration – 4 Sessions of two hours each –Daily 

Timings – 5 pm to 6.30 pm

Model – Online – Blended with training & assignments

Charges: – INR 799 (inclusive of GST) for all sessions

  1. Why do you need Digital Presence? – Venkatesh
  2. Basics of Website – Venkatesh
  3. Basics of Website Designing – Venkatesh
  4. Elements of Website Design – Venkatesh
  5. How to build a website- Ramakant
    1. Using readymade CMS
    2. Using pure hard coding
  6. Different Applications for Website Designing
    1. PHP/JSP/.NET
    2. WordPress
    3. Joomla
    4. Drupal
  1. Why WordPress
    1. Features & Benefits – Venkatesh
    2. Two Options of WordPress- Venkatesh
  2. Build a website through WordPress domain. – Hands on Practical’s (Venkatesh & Ramakant)
    1. WordPress Domain
    2. Self-Domain/ Local server installation
  1. Build a website through WordPress domain. – Hands on Practical’s (Venkatesh & Ramakant)
    1. WordPress Domain
    2. Self-Domain / Local server installation
  1. How to purchase the domain
  2. How to do Hosting
    1. Setup WordPress on live
  3. Import local data into live
  4. Introduction to Web Analytics
    1. Webmaster tools
    2. Google analytics

Revision Q&A & Assessment Tests & Certification

All Participants are requested to have the following pre work done

    1. Identify an unique name of their business & Select a Domain –  through –
    2. Purchase a domain of that name
    3. Purchase a hosting services – using the same above sites –   DONT NEED TO DO THIS TOGETHER –  FIRST ONLY DOMAIN –  ONCE WE ARE READY TO GO LIVE – BUY THE HOST – MAY BE AFTER THE SESSIONS
    4. Build and  create a content for your  company in the following format  in Word Document
      1. About your  Company –   What is it all about , your company, Mission  Vision  Company address  etc
      2. About the Team  – If you have a team / Or about your profile
      3. What we offer –   Your products and services
      4.  Blogs –    You need to write a word document pertaining to your company details
      5.  Social Media accounts for the company – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram , TikTok –  ( pls use what is needed )
      6. Identify good & relevant images – existing of yours/ business etc  so that it helps –
    5. Participants need to have this ready with them as it will help in quick upload.
    6. Any other data  which you feel is critical for your website.

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