Drive Data Strategy

Key insights

• Data is the new Gold, it is one of the most crucial elements in the business
environment to measure success, revisit the approach & direction in the
• As an organization, we need to become analytical in identifying our KPI’s,
measure and track KPI’s & build correlations with business outcomes &
effectively gain insights.

Our Solution
8 days once a week Training + 4 consulting sessions – 100% Implementation

• Data Audit
• Building your data Work Flow Ecosystem
• MIS & Business reports formulation
• Define & build Metrices & KPI’s
• Implementing Marketing & Web Analytics

Key insights

• The front line sales, business development teams are more often skilled in
product pitches & Sales processes
• But, they are constrained to integrate primary & Secondary information facts especially of the industry coupled with the story telling. This would result in effective story telling with fact based details.


Our Solution
1 day workshop for Sales & Business Development teams

  1. Story Board Creation.
  2. Decipher key data sets for effective sales pitches
  3. Build a story telling approach

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