Data Audit & Gap Analysis

At Tathwamasi, our expertise lies in identifying the key gaps obstructing business growth and help identify ways to improve efficacy of your organization using data. When is an organization data-ready?

  1. All the touch points across stakeholders are captured in a structured manner and digitalized
  2. Seamless data workflow exists across all the functions in the organization
  3. Every decision taken in the organization is based on data, be it internal or external.
Our Solution

Data Audit is the first step towards ascertaining the data readiness of any organization.

Hence, we provide a 5 – day, on – premise, intensive workshop with each functional team. This is guaranteed in helping your organisation overcome challenges by:

  • Identifying the touchpoints across functions – sales, marketing, customer service, finance, legal and more – and building primary fields which lay the ground to help index the data, enable seamless sharing and develop insights
  • Understanding, in detail, all relevant functions which exist in your organization and help assess and analyse the data flow process
    • In – depth study of each function – Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, Customer Care, Legal and Audit, Management, Production, Shop Floor and more – to go as far as understanding the software each function may rely on, what role they play in the data entry and report perspective and how they flow from one to another
    • Assessment of the data flow across functions and solutions to plug the gaps if any
    • Custom report formats are created for to best suit the organisation’s requirements, making it easy for data review and analysis within the organization
  • Strategically identifying the metrics important for the organization’s financial health – rise and fall in sales, success of new locations, incremental costs toward manpower v/s productivity and more – and consequently deduce whether these decisions have data validation.
  • Quick and thorough turn around as the entire process is completed within 5 days!

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