Build Data Driven Organization

Key insights

• Data is the new oil, every one needs to understand the intricacies of Data, its
needs , its impact to business.
• Leaders & students are seldom clear and have a complete perspective of what , how and when it can help, why you need it and how to use the data you have for your benefit.


Our Solution
Introductory 4 hour session

• What is Data ?
• What is Information
• Definitions & basics of Data
• Introduction to Data Analytics

Key insights

• The world is getting smarter, across we have Smart Phones, Smart Sports, Smart Love. The internet has made it possible to track & store data today almost at every level.
• As an Entrepreneur, we must transform our business into a data driven
organization by incorporating a data driven process for meaningful insights.


Our Solution 1 day workshop

• Data V/s. Information
• Definitions & basics of Data
• Key MIS / Metrices / Report generation
• Learn & Implement Sm@rt Strategy Model for your organization

Key insights

• The Fourth Industrial Revolution heralds a series of social, political, cultural, and economic upheavals that will unfold over the 21st century.

• The CXO, must take steps, build habits & develop mindset to transform our
businesses into data and model-driven organizations.


Our Solution
21⁄2 residential workshop + 2 consulting sessions

• Formulate Data Workflow Sheet for your organization
• Identify gaps and comprehend the data work flow of your organization
• Create a Data strategy in alignment with your top business goals to maximize business potential
• Become a Data Driven Organization

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