Be Data Confident

Key insights

• Most often, management graduates need a simulated environment of organizations to experience and acclimatize the corporate environment, in addition to the internship
• The key learnings are met through real life case studies & situations, on MIS reporting, strategic presentation flows & data based decision making process


Our Solution
4 day workshop for final year Management students

• Introduction to Data & Business View of Information Technology
• Difference between MIS/ ERP/ BI/ Business Analytics
• Marketing Analytics
• Type of data & its Relevance
• Project work & Case Studies

Key insights

• In this era of constant change, it is highly imperative to be in sync with the
latest & upcoming technologies.
• This constant need for all academicians to adapt to evolving technologies is constrained by time It will be a prudent approach the best of current evolving technologies and share.

Our Solution
2 day workshop for Faculties across institutions

• Trends in technology aiding wold class deliveries
• Application learning & Data Analytics introduction
• Hands on Software skills – Solver, Excel, SPSS etc
• Web Analytics , Google Analytics
• Customized Skill development workshops need based

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