Big data


‘Big data’ is the new business buzzword. But most organizations are struggling to understand what it is and how best to leverage it.  Today, everything we do is leaving a digital trace (data) and the volume of this data, which is being generated daily, has exploded.

Not just that, its varied sources are complex and evolving. Most large companies are spending billions on data management and advanced analytics to gain new insights and find solutions to known and even newly discovered challenges and opportunities. This is empowering decision making and changing business-as-usual.

But, what happens to small businesses that do not have the expertise, the bandwidth, and the resources to face this incoming wave. The choices are between being overwhelmed, somehow staying afloat, or to ride the wave and transform their growth trajectory.

  1. Not having structured data and information with which to take decisions, thus relying on experiences and results
  2. Missing, incomplete, unusable, and/or unorganized data
  3. Not finding/having the right talent
  4. Lack of resources to invest in the technology, talent, infrastructure, etc.
  • What is Big Data?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What makes data big?
  • How do you manage, store, and compute on big data?
  • How can we leverage it?
  • Best practices for analysing big data?
  • Current trends
  • Applications of the insights to small business
  • Future directions in big data?

We believe that every small and mid-sized business as well as every professional should have the leverage the tool of Big Data to drive revenue growth, improve decision making, spot new business opportunities, cut costs, and streamline inefficient processes.

And that is the reason why Tathwamasi has been dreamed into existence.